BTC How to


Bitcoins is an Online currency that would be the equivalent of Western Union or MoneyGram in the sense it is the primary way Internet uses make untraceable, untrackable, anonymous payments and purchases.

Bitcoin Tips:

Bitcoin Wallets


– Abra

– Cash App

– Coinbase (buy BTC, ETH and LTC)

  • Add Debit, Credit Card or Bank Account(it takes longer)
  • Buy and Sell Bitcoin

– Cointelegraph credit or debit card

– Bitstamp

– LocalBitcoins



Bank deposit no BTC wallet needed – Please read instructions carefully

** Bitquick is a third party service where you deposit cash in their account and they send me bitcoins **

  1. Launch quick buy ***Open trade only if you are able to deposit in 2 hours or less
  2. Enter amount in dollars
  3. Pick bank of your preference
  4. Fill out all info along with bitcoins address sent with invoice
  5. Go to bank and make a cash deposit to name and acct number provided ***follow instructions to the T and double check everything
  6. upload the deposit receipt to the bitquick link sent to your email and wait for payment complete notice
  7. email me exact BTC amount of deposit and/or screenshot of transaction



  • Create an account at Search their map for local places to purchase Liberty X Pin. Go back to your computer, login in to your account and redeem to your wallet address. BTC’s show up instantly. Here!


When you place an Order with the i-Fit4Life using BitCoin and you have an account you can instantly send the funds so once the above is all set up, Orders can be placed as fast as when using Credit/Debit Cards or PayPal!

BitCoin is legal and no one except you can track the payment.

There is no central entity that controls the payment. It’s much more safe than PayPal and WU.