Injectable Steroids


There are literally hundreds of anabolic androgenic steroid forms and within each form there are many variances. There are injectable steroids, oral tablets, liquid orals, patches and creams but of all the various forms of administration most will buy injectable steroids more so than any other form. Without question injectable versions make up the largest portion of anabolics available and while oral forms are perhaps the most convenient those who buy injectable steroids will find their cycles to be worth far more than those who do not. Make no mistake; there is a place for all forms; while patches and creams are generally reserved for hormone replacement therapy, in the world of performance enhancement injectable and oral forms are king; with former being a step above the latter in importance.

– Injectable Steroids vs. Oral Steroids

Many who buy injectable steroids will find some come in an oral form as well but in most cases the injectable is far superior in-terms of both effectiveness and safety; not always but generally speaking. Popular steroids such as Winstrol and Primobolan regularly come in both forms and while both forms are effective the injectable versions remain supreme. Another example would be simple testosterone; most who buy injectable steroids will include testosterone of an injectable nature in their cycle but it can be found in an orally ingested form; however, the potency and efficiency will be far less than its many injectable counterparts.


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